Seven colors make a rainbow, seven chords make music, seven days make a week, seven continents make a world and seven beautiful letters makes us FRIENDS.

To me friendship is an eternal bond of trust, love, honesty and joy. Friends are the ones who know you transparently. They are the ones who are with you through your thick and thin. Friends are the siblings, god never gave.

One of the best parts of friendship is finding a true friend. I have found true friends in my life and they are ones with whom I would walk in the dark rather than walking alone in light. True friends are trustworthy, honest, people who we are dependable on, for solving our problems and who make are life better There isn’t any proper definition for a true friend. A true friend never lets you down.

One must be aware and shall not fall into the clutches of a fake friend (personal experience).Fake friends use you for many reasons, such as they are your friends because you are smart and popular and they also might want to become smart and famous like you so they hang around with you just to get recognized.

Once they achieve what they wanted, they don’t even care about you or others. When we come to know that the person who we trust so much was a traitor after all, we just can’t handle it, this makes us emotionally unstable.

But lets not allow negativity into our minds and talk about the memories we create with our friends. I just shifted to UAE from INDIA and I can surely promise you that those years that I had spent in India were the best years of my life. I made so many friends and had the opportunity of feeling and experiencing brotherhood and joy with my friends. We had such a strong bond and leaving them was so tough. We used to go on three-day trips to different destinations in India and those trips created a box full of memories and moments I would never want to forget.

So my dearest classmates and buddies planned a farewell for me and I was so emotional by their love and affection they had and having the thought of not seeing them again just made me cry even more. They made a yearbook for me and while reading it, I started crying. That was the impact they created in my heart. I still miss them a lot . I am already emotional writing about them. I feel grateful to God for giving me such amazing friends.

To me friendship is the second most important relationship in life. First are obviously my parents. But at some point of time I think I would choose a true friend over blood (maybe). There are some extraordinary examples of friendships such as Lord Krishna and Sudama. Friendship helps break barriers of caste, creed, class and color. Our friends influence in many ways; if one has friends who are smart, one will slowly grasp their smartness and work had and if one has friends who are bad, one will get influenced by their activities. If they all take drugs one will start taking drugs some day or the other.

Friendship make a human being more humble and loyal and makes us take a positive look at life.We are so deeply attached to our friends that if they are in trouble we will feel their pressure and help them. If they are hurt we also feel their pain and motivate them to recover. My friends are my support system, my friends motivate me the most ; they cheer for me even if I am losing and at that moment you just feel so happy and  lucky for having such amazing friends who love you and support you.

I am so grateful to God for giving me such friends whom I will never ever forget and for those memories and moments I had with them.  No matter how much I love, I will express for my friends, it will always be less. I would conclude this blog by saying that:

Friendship is a bond of love, a medal of trust, a shoulder in sadness, a hand in darkness, something that doesn’t cost and jewel never to be lost.